Special 4th Precinct Court Watch Invitation-Juvenile Justice Forum-Session 3 – Tuesday, May 12th, Folwell Park

 4th Precinct Court Watch


In 2014 4th Precinct Court Watch presented a comprehensive three part forum on the adult criminal justice system. This educational series was well attended and highly regarded, but it only told part of the story. There are significant differences between the adult and juvenile justice systems, differences that have a profound impact on the offenders, their families, and the community at large.

This three part forum focuses on the Juvenile Justice System in Hennepin County, from intake through adjudication and disposition. If you’re concerned about juvenile crime in our neighborhoods, have questions about how juvenile crime is handled by the criminal justice system, or if you’re just curious, please come and join our panel of experts and insiders for an interesting, informative, and lively discussion.

Session 3 – Tuesday, May 12th. Dispositions and Outcomes

Please note that these forums will be held at Folwell Park, not at North Regional Library where we usually meet.