National Night Out is August 4th! Register your event online today!

National Night Out is August 4th! Register your block or yard event online!

Dear Block Leader,

There is still plenty of time to host a National Night Out event on your block! And if your block qualifies you can even register a street permit for free!

Every first Tuesday in August law enforcement agencies throughout the country celebrate partnerships with the community–in a real sense NNO is our “holiday” to meet or reconnect with our dedicated community volunteers and leaders.  This year NNO is on August 4th, and we encourage all blocks to party!

Your event can be as simple as a yard party with potluck. A quick doorknocking or flyering in advance of your event will help people “save the date” and commit to helping out with chairs, tables, grills etc. In case you’re looking for things to do for your event, I’ve added a list of actual NNO event activities from the many years Minneapolis has celebrated National Night Out following my signature block.

If your block is not on a bus route and does not have traffic lights at either end or both ends, you may qualify for a block permit!  Register your event by July 21 and your permit is FREE. (After that there is a fee–so get cracking!)

Ready to register your event? Link directly to:

Be sure to check the box indicating this is an NNO registration, to assure your free permit. You can also register your yard event with no need for the permit through this link.

Questions? Most should be covered on our web link– –but if you have more, feel free to reply to me or your Crime Prevention Specialists.

Luther Krueger, Crime Prevention Analyst

Minneapolis Police Dept., Strategic Information/Crime Analysis Division

350 S. 5th Street, Room 100 City Hall + Minneapolis MN 55415

612-673-5371 +

For your first contact regarding crime issues in your area contact your Crime Prevention Specialists


Sampler of NNO party activities!

These aren’t even the tip of the iceberg, they’re just a “penguin on

the tip of the iceberg” list of things you can do on National Night Out.

These are actual activities from nearly 30 years of NNO in Minneapolis:


giant bubbles    


Potluck Food


water balloon volleyball       

pet parade!

“Worst Joke Contest” we all LOL’d!  

Streetwide Scrabble®!

bean bag toss  

bikes and scooters   

bounce house

book swap        

croquet on a side lawn       

Art Stand

book collection for “little library”

sidewalk chalk!!  

set up a skill-bartering contact list!         

sundae bar

Get-to-know-your-neighbor game

Our block created a “Museum” for residents–everyone could hang up a picture of themselves on a clothesline with their brief written story

We just sat around and yakked

family crest drawing contest!   

cupcake walk  

tie-dye demonstration

made a bicycle “obstacle course” with street-chalk paint

neighbors brought out their collections … of butterflies, campaign buttons, squeaky toys 🙂

Youth DJ!

temporary tattoos for kids


Minneapolis trivia contest

hoola hoop game

scavenger hunt

white elephant gift exchange

wading pool

Worm composting workshop!!

taco bar

♠♣ speed solitaire contest! ♥♦

garden produce exchange 🙂

book swap for “little library”


Life-size Jenga game!


giant slide

acoustic “hootenanny” ♫

bicycle maintenance workshop

toy swap/hand-me-downs & hoist ’em ups!

soul train line with the kids was a total laugh

learned about Somalia from our newest neighbor

face-painting (of course!) for kiddos

had every one to bring a dish and a story

“guess how many pennies are in this bag”

helium balloon barbershop quartet!

We stayed out until the mosquitoes chased us in 🙂