Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board: Can’n and Jam’n Camps for Kids and Cooking Classes for Adults

Can’n and Jam’n Camp celebrates the abundant harvest at J.D. Rivers Children’s Garden, located in Theodore Wirth Park. Youth work in the garden, harvest and also eat the fruits (and vegetables and herbs) of their labor. Campers harvest veggies from the garden while learning good harvest practices and the value of good food for our bodies. Children will make pickles, salsa, jam, salads, garden crafts and more (weather and harvest depending!) A daily snack is included in the camp, but not lunch.

Looking for an all day option? Adventure Camp Session 1 and Session 2 immediately follows this camp at the same location. Bring a lunch and be ready for a full day of fun.

Each Can’n and Jam’n session is limited to 20 students, so register quickly to secure a place in the program.

Camp Session 1: August 10-14, 2015, 9am– noon

Camp Session 2: August 17-21, 2015, 9am-noon

Drop-off Location: JD Rivers’ Children’s Garden,

2900 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis 55422

Pick-up Location: Theodore Wirth Picnic Pavilion,

3275 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis 55422

Price: $40

Register Here for Session 1!

Register Here for Session 2!

Cooking and Home Remedy Classes at the Wirth Education Kitchen

Elderberry Popsicles with Kids: Herbal Cooking

8/4/15- 9am (Class Fee $20 Supplies $2) #53149

In the heat of the summer, a healthy and cooling treat is always a treasure. Join us at the Theodore Wirth Kitchen Pavilion for a fun activity to do with kids, learn about elderberries and how to make them into popsicles for a refreshing and tasty summer treat. Instructor: Kirsten Grohovsky

Greek Yogurt

8/4/15- 6pm (Class Fee $40 Supplies $5)

Yogurt populates a whole section of most grocery stores. Yet you can make your own simply and for less money and packaging. Learn to make traditional creamy yogurt and variations: Greek yogurt and “lebneh”- Lebanese strained yogurt spread. Taught by Iman Mefleh, who learned from the “Lebanese Grandmother School of Cooking.” Instructor: Iman Mefleh

Natural Deodorant Making

8/13/15 – 10am (Class fee $20 – Supplies $5)

Summer is soon upon us- learn how to make your own deodorant from scratch and know exactly what you’re putting on your body. Instructor: Kirsten Grohovsky

Preserving Vinegar Pickles

8/6/15- 6pm (Class Fee $40 Supplies $10)

Never buy another jar of pickles. Making your own pickles doesn?t have to be daunting! Learn how to make and preserve tasty vinegar pickles using cucumbers fresh from the farmer?s market while they are at their peak. Surprise your family and friends with unusual and irresistable pickled green beans. Vinegar pickles let you enjoy the produce of summer all year long. This class will show you how pickling and preserving with the boiling water method is simple, inexpensive, safe, fun, and best of all, delicious! Instructor: Camille Mefleh

Cooking from the Market

8/11/15- 6pm (Class Fee $40 Supplies $10) #53248

Farmers markets offer a variety of local produce at great prices with the opportunity to talk with the farmers themselves. How can you make the most of the growing season and the market? How can you use the more unusual offerings? How can you make the bounty of summer last into the winter? In this class, learn how to plan menus around produce as well as methods for storing for winter. Children ten and older welcome with adult. Instructor: Camille Mefleh


8/18/15- 6pm (Class Fee $40 Supplies $5) #53153

This beverage is popping up all over the place. It’s different flavors and health benefits make headlines. You can taste it yourselves and make your own live-culture tea at home.

Instructor: Iman Mefleh 

Your Relationship with Sugar

8/20/15- 6pm (Class Fee $23) #53157

Are you constantly craving sweets and want to understand why? Do you want to gain control without deprivation? This workshop explores the effects of sugar on the body and your individual relationship with sugar. Participants will gain a greater understanding of why we crave sweets, how sugar decreases our energy and the cycle of sugar addiction. In addition to understanding why we overindulge in sweet foods, participants learn what alternatives exist to the typical refined sugars we find in junk food, candy bars and other unhealthy snacks. Instructor: Bekah Rieke (CHNC) – Integrative Nutrition Coach

Summertime Herbal Infusions

8/25/15- 9am (Class Fee $15) #53324

Come join us at the Theodore Wirth Pavilion to learn how to make your own refreshing and healthy herbal infusions . We will discuss herbs that will help promote relaxation and easy stress, natures multi vitamins and more. Learn the basics of making at home infusions and try some tasty herbal infusions. Instructor: Kirsten Grohovsky

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