Hennepin County: News from the County Attorney’s Office – September 24th


September 24, 2015


Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney 12-2013

Michael O. Freeman
Hennepin County Attorney
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We serve justice and public safety through our commitment to ethical prosecution, crime prevention, and through innovative and reasoned client representation.


September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month

According to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, one in five women is sexually assaulted while in college. Most often, it happens when a student is in her freshman or sophomore year.  In the great majority of cases, it’s by someone she knows – and also most often, she does not report what happened.

Colleges are working to raise awareness and increase reporting of these crimes by creating campaigns to get bystanders to step in and help. This will lead to societal norms changing and will teach everyone to speak out and intervene if someone is at risk of being assaulted.

Many sexual assaults happen when liquor is involved. As a parent, I’ve made it a point to talk to my children before sending them off to college. I’ve talked to them about how drinking can put you in a vulnerable situation. I’ve also talked to my kids about the importance of friends looking out for each other to help keep them safe.

An increase in the reporting of sexual assaults will lead our office to bring more charges so that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. This will help prevent other students from being victimized.

Large Embezzlement Cases Prosecuted


In the past month, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office charged a St. Bonifacius woman with stealing nearly $700,000 from the company that employed her and accepted a guilty plea from an Eden Prairie woman who was charged with stealing $1.2 million from a property management company owned by her mother.

Karen Jane Breyette, 53, of St. Bonifacius, made her first court appearance on September 1 and was charged with seven counts of theft by swindle from PenRad Technologies, a medical device company where she worked as controller/bookkeeper.

According to the criminal complaint, Breyette took the money in a variety of ways. She used the company credit card and checkbook. The largest amounts were embezzled through the payroll system. More…

In the second case, Stephanie Castillo, 42, of Eden Prairie, admitted to several aggravating circumstances, including committing a major economic crime. She will be sentenced onNovember 23 and our office intends to seek a longer than normal sentence because of the severity of the crime. Click here to read the full news release.

Community Leadership Award Winners Announced

Tom Johnson

Former Hennepin County Attorney Tom Johnson will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Community Leadership Awards give us an opportunity to celebrate outstanding citizens who have made the county a better and safer place to work and live.

This year, we are honoring former Hennepin County Attorney Tom Johnson with a Life Time Achievement Award, which will be presented by Senator Amy Klobuchar. Other recipients include Chief Stephanie K. Revering and the Crystal Police Department; Suzanne Tema, a social worker at Roosevelt High School; Attorney Ellen (Ellie) Krug, Executive Director, Call for Justice, LLC; Judy A. Johnston, Hennepin County – Managing Senior Attorney; and Thalia Williams, a courageous young girl who in the past year has stepped up twice to protect her family and her neighborhood.

The awards ceremony is being held at 1 p.m. October 2 in the Hennepin County Commissioners’ board room on the 24th floor of the Government Center.

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