City of Minneapolis: Tax Forfeited Properties: Action Needed

The most recent classification list for tax forfeit property from Hennepin County has been issued. The City of Minneapolis is seeking feedback about the properties that have become tax forfeit. There are three recommendations that are typically made by the City of Minneapolis when it is providing feedback to Hennepin County:

–          Classifying property as conservation, meaning that it would be retained for a public park or natural resource and cannot be sold to private parties

–          Requesting acquisition by the City of Minneapolis, in order to support neighborhood and City plans. If you are recommending that we acquire a property, it is helpful to provide a one sentence description about how it would support neighborhood and/or City plans.

–          Recommending sale by Hennepin County through its auction process

If you or residents in your neighborhood have comments to contribute that would help our feedback process, we would appreciate your input through November 23, 2015.The shortened timeframe for public comment is due to statutory requirements for the City of Minneapolis to provide feedback in the tax forfeiture process.

An interactive map of tax forfeit property is here and a PDF of the tax forfeit list is attached. We would also welcome comments about whether the interactive map is a helpful way to communicate about the property available.

Please contact me if there are any comments or questions at