Folwell Park Organics Drop-off

Hello organics recyclers!

Thank you for your interest in recycling organics by participating in the Folwell Park Residential Organics Drop-Off!  If you haven’t already, residents with Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling collection services can sign up for the citywide organics recycling program by emailing their address to or by calling 612-673-2917.  Before providing the code to the locks I want to thank you for participating and share a few reminders:

Residential organics include:  (Click here for a detailed Yes/No Acceptability list)

  • All Food (including meat, bones and dairy)
  • Food-soiled and non-recyclable paper (no plastic lined paper [ex. coffee cup] unless it is labeled compostable)
  • Compostable Plastics (bags and food service items must be labeled certified compostable to be accepted)  Plastic bags MUST have the BPI logo on them.  No black plastic bags are compostable and are not accepted.
  • Other compostable items (coffee grounds and tea bags, hair and nail clippings, dryer lint, wood chopsticks,  popsicle sticks, toothpicks, etc.)


Organics do NOT include:

  • Yard waste, pet waste, diapers, and sanitary products are not accepted.  The State will not allow compost facilities to accept any pet or human fecal matter.
  • Milk cartons are recyclable not compostable.  Please rinse milk, juice, broth, soup, etc. cartons and place them in your recycling cart.  Cartons and other plastic lined paper products do not fully break down in the composting process and when they get in, reduce the quality of the finished compost.
  • Plastic lined-paper products must be labeled as compostable to be accepted.  For lined/coated paper products (coffee cups, soup bowls, to-go boxes) to be accepted, they must be labeled compostable.  This guarantees the items have been scientifically tested to break down in a commercial composting facility leaving no byproducts.  Plastic-lined paper items labeled biodegradable, etc. will fragment into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic that will remain in the soil and degrade the quality of the compost.
  • Paper ice cream tubs are not accepted. They have a plastic lining and must be placed in the trash.
  • Dryer sheets and dental floss are not accepted.  These items contain plastic.


Other Reminders:

  • Organics must be bagged in a paper grocery bag or certified compostable plastic bag that has the BPI logo on it.

o   Bags labeled degradable, oxo-degradable, biodegradable, earth friendly, are not accepted.

  • If you have friends or family who want to participate, please have them visit our Organics Drop-Off webpage and sign up to participate.
  • Please continue to email questions you may have to me.  I will answer your questions and will update the Frequently Asked Questions webpage so others can also be educated.

Lastly, please note that even though volunteers are no longer be on site, the collection crews will visually inspect the organics when dumping the carts each week.  If non-compostable materials are continually found, we may have to go back to only having the site opened during designated hours.  We will send out emails if contamination is found.

Thanks again and here we go.  The code to the locks is 2014.  Set the combination to 2014 and push the U portion of the lock in to the square shaped base to get it to pop open.  Happy organics recycling and thanks so much for your dedication in helping reduce waste and create a valuable soil amendment – compost!