MPRB-Mpls. Park Environmental Education: Upcoming cooking classes in the Wirth Pavilion Education Kitchen

Cooking Classes at the Wirth Education Kitchen 

Dark Chocolate-Making

November 5th 6-8pm (Class Fee $15 Supplies $5)

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Cacao has been cultivated and used by Mesoamerican cultures for 3,000 years this historical bean is one of our richest food sources. Chocolate made from cacao beans with minimal processing can be beneficial to you and your families health. Come join us and experience roasting, grinding and processing the cacao seeds to make one of nature most nutritious and luxurious foods. Instructor: Kirsten Grohovsky

Activity #53826

Essential Oils for Everyday Life

November 10th 6-8pm (Class Fee $12 Supplies $3)

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What can you do with essential oils? Have you bought food grade essential oils from the co-op and they just sit in you cabinet? Learn how to use essential oils, whether it is for cooking, cleaning or personal care. There are limitless possibilities with these healing gems from the Earth. Instructor: Elizabeth Kraft, founder of Thousandfold Yoga and Health.

Activity #53831

Your Relationship with Sugar

November 12th 6-7:30pm (Fee $23)

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Are you constantly craving sweets and want to understand why?  Do you want to gain control without deprivation? This workshop explores the effects of sugar on the body and your individual relationship with sugar. Participants will gain a greater understanding of why we crave sweets, how sugar decreases our energy and the cycle of sugar addiction. In addition to understanding why we overindulge in sweet foods, participants learn what alternatives exist to the typical refined sugars we find in junk food, candy bars and other unhealthy snacks. Instructor: Bekah Rieke

Activity #53657

Greek Yogurt

November 17th 6-7:30pm (Class Fee $40 Supplies $5)

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Yogurt populates a whole section of most grocery stores. Yet you can make your own simply and for less money and packaging. Learn to make traditional creamy yogurt and variations: Greek yogurt and “lebneh”- Lebanese strained yogurt spread. Taught by Iman Mefleh, who learned from the “Lebanese Grandmother School of Cooking.”

Activity #53820

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