Folwell Park organics drop-off–Winter Update

Hello all,

Thank you so much for continuing to participate in the residential organics drop-off at Folwell Park.  Since the drop-off opened in August 40 carts of organics have been diverted from the trash.  That means that YOU have helped divert over a TON (2,000 pounds) of organics that will be put to better use through composting!  Keep up the good work!

I wanted to send you all a congratulations, a thank you, and a couple updates.  As some of you may have noticed already, there are no longer locks on the carts.  Due to the potential for locks to freeze and the minimal contamination placed in the carts J, we decided to remove the locks from the carts over the winter months to continue to make it easier for you and others to participate in the organics drop-off program.  Even though there are no locks, please encourage others who want to participate to sign up online so we can keep track of how many people are participating and so they can be added to this email list for updates.

Please remember that organics must be bagged in either paper grocery or certified compostable plastic bags (must have BPI logo on them) before they’re placed in the carts.  Unbagged organics will likely freeze in the bottom of the carts in the winter months and will turn into a wet smelly mess in the springtime.  Please also remember that plastic-lined paper items (milk cartons, ice cream tubs, Chinese food containers, frozen food boxes, etc.) are not accepted in the organics program.  For paper coffee cups, cold cups from fast food or convenience stores, or paper to-go containers to be able to go in the carts, they must not have a lining on them or if they have a lining, the product must be certified for compostability by BPI.  You can verify if products are certified compostable by visiting BPI’s website.

Lastly, remember that reduce comes before recycle (or in this case compost).  With the holiday season here, do your best to reduce waste by properly planning for the number of people attending your event.  Rethink Recycling’s Event Planning guide has tools to walk you through planning small and large events. Receiving RSVP’s is essential to pre-event planning.  Knowing the number of people attending your event can help you plan the meals and purchase an appropriate quantity of food for those attending the event.  Eureka Recycling’s Zero Waste Composting website has helpful tips to help you plan meals, purchase the right amount of food, and store food to remain edible longer.  Do your best this holiday season to make sure all food is eaten and not wasted.  If any leftovers spoil, be sure to bring the down to the park organics drop-off!

Please continue to send me any questions you may have regarding the organics drop-off program or other waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, or household hazardous waste.  Thanks you all again for contributing to the success of this program and have a happy holiday season!


Kellie Kish  l  Recycling Coordinator  l  City of Minneapolis – Division of Solid Waste & Recycling  l  309 2nd Ave S, Room 210, Minneapolis, MN 55401  l  Office: 612-673-3536  l