Northwest Environmental Training Center: Historical Site Restoration: Planning and Preparation

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Habitat Site Restoration
Planning and Preparing a Successful Restoration Plan
Planning and executing a successful site restoration takes experience, knowledge, and support. Instructor Larry Lodwick has been providing these things consulting on restorations and mentoring others through them in locations across the US for many years. Join him in Minnesota on March 16-17 to learn how to avoid some common issues, and set your project up for success!
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St. Louis Park     March 16-17, 2016
This 2-day course provides participants first with a broad overview of Site Restoration/Mitigation, and then expands to an examination of specific steps used for innovative restoration and mitigation planning and implementation, applicable to western North America.
Restoration/mitigation programs should address all aspects of a site’s ecosystem, rather than simply enhancing a particular species or group of species. With this in mind, course material is designed to introduce a complete approach.
*Reduced tuition is available for Native American tribes, government employees, nonprofits, students and NAEP, NEBC, NWAEP members.
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About the Instructor:
Larry Lodwick has been an ecologist for 40 years, with experience in both the public and private sectors. With a M.S. degree in biology from Baylor University, with his thesis researching primary production in east Texas peatlands, his interest through the years has been on the ecological functions of natural systems.
Larry has taught courses in habitat restoration in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, and in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has mentored many entry-level biologists in the science of habitat restoration. Read More