MPS News: Minneapolis Public Schools developing 2016-17 Budget


Feb. 1, 2016

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Minneapolis Public Schools developing 2016-17 budget

MINNEAPOLIS – The 2016-17 Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) budget process is in full swing. As a public institution, MPS is committed to using resources in a way that’s best for students. Broken into three basic steps and guided by the district’s Acceleration 2020 strategic plan, the budget process determines how the district can use funding to support student and staff needs. Community members are invited to actively participate in the process by attending Budget 101 meetings hosted throughout the city during the first half of February. ·         Step 1: The administration determines district level priorities and core programming standards for all schools. This step should be completed in early February.·         Step 2: Once core programming standards are set, the district decides on budget resources to be provided to each school. There are formulas applied to each source of funding to make these determinations on the distribution of resources. This step will be completed by mid-February.·         Step 3: Principals review their budget and engage with their site councils and parent advisory groups to determine how their budget will be spent this upcoming year. Solidifying how schools will utilize resources is called “budget tie-out” and should be completed in early March. A final budget is then presented to the Minneapolis Board of Education for review and approval. The budget will be presented to the Board on June 14, and the Board will take a vote on budget adoption on June 28. For more information on the 2016-17 MPS budget process and to find additional ways to get involved, ###

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