MPRB launches park dedication mapping tool

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Park Dedication

Park Dedication Map Screenshot

Minneapolis park dedication mapping tool now available

New tool provides monthly updates on park dedication fee collections, allocations and expenditures

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is proud to announce the successful launch of a new mapping tool that tracks park dedication fee collections, allocations and expenditures.

The park dedication map will be updated monthly. Blue dots represent fees collected, red dots indicate fees have been allocated toward a park project and green dots show where fees have been spent on completed projects. Click within any of Minneapolis’ 81 neighborhoods for an overview of total fees collected, allocated and spent in a specific neighborhood.

MPRB Park Dedication Map

Park Dedication Facts

The park dedication fee is assessed on all new developments in Minneapolis to help pay for park expansion or enhancement, akin to other development fees that support increased strain on infrastructure like sewer, water and roads. Park dedication fees are used by cities across Minnesota and the United States to enhance park systems for new residents or employees moving into the city.

The MPRB, City of Minneapolis and Minnesota Legislature approved the park dedication ordinance. It went into effect in Minneapolis on Jan. 1, 2014.

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