Minneapolis Public Schools: MPS News – MPS unveils new data dashboard


Feb. 26, 2016

MEDIA CONTACT:                   Dirk Tedmon

Media Relations Specialist



Minneapolis Public Schools unveils new data dashboard

MINNEAPOLIS – Minneapolis Public Schools’ (MPS’) Research, Evaluation and Assessment Department shared a new tool to monitor academic progress and outcomes today. The MPS Insights dashboard will allow members of the public to find and interact with MPS data. Using the dashboard, people can find school-level data on behavior, graduation rates and MCA/MMR scores. Eventually, the tool will be expanded to include attendance, on-track rates and more. In addition, the Insights dashboard will continue to protect student privacy by limiting the availability of identifiable data. This data will allow the district, the Board and members of the public to identify academic outcomes and see trends over time. It will show whether or not trends are consistent across schools or demographic groups. As a community, we’ll be able to see what programs are working well, where we’re being effective, and how we can replicate successful strategies to ensure Minneapolis kids graduate ready for college and career. Learn more about this new dashboard at insights.mpls.k12.mn.us/SchoolBoardPortal.  ###