National Night Out – Register your event early – and how to request a K9, Mounted Patrol, or Fire Truck visit!



We just had our 1000th National Night Out registration filed online!  We don’t want to stop there and can always use another 1000 parties on 🙂  Hope your block can host one!

If you’re ready to put together a party, it just takes a minute to register–just link to our online block event registration form. Note that in years’ past the form required filling in a form with the names of neighbors who signed a petition for a block permit, that is no longer necessary and it’s a snap to fill out the form.

This year we will be putting blocks with new event registrations, or where we haven’t had a registration in a long time, at the top of our list for team visits. These are investigators, lieutenants, commanders, and our top brass who visit many events throughout the night. We should have as many as 80 teams rolling around on August 2nd! As always our Crime Prevention Specialist and other officers from the precinct will be “party-hopping” too!

Also for many years we’ve included Mall of America Nickelodeon Mystery Tickets which are always a hit with kids at NNO block parties, and this year is no different. I’ll be picking them up from the MOA office this week!

We’ll need your registration by July 20 if you’d like a street permit at no charge (after that, unfortunately it’s $100 — kind of a “procrastination tax”?). And you can register at any time if you’ll just be having a yard party at no charge.

Hope to hear from you soon, and to see you and your neighbors in August!


Luther Krueger, Crime Prevention Analyst

Minneapolis Police Dept., Special Operations & Intelligence Division

350 S. 5th Street, Room 100 City Hall + Minneapolis MN 55415

612-673-5371 +


P.S. Regarding K-9, Mounted Patrol, and Fire Truck requests

It’s not too late to invite K-9 or Mounted Officers.  You’ll need call 311 once you register your event, so 311 can forward your request to the right people. Our K-9 and Mounteds–not to mention MFD pumper trucks and rigs– are in ever-increasing demand each year, but they hope to schedule a visit to most of the blocks that request them. If you invited them last year and and they attended, you’re welcome to invite them again but understand that they do prioritize their routes to blocks starting with those they haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet. Likewise, to officially request a fire truck, just dial 311!