MPRB and U of M Introduce “The Citizen Pruner Program”


Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s Forestry Division is joining with the University of Minnesota’s Department of Forest Resources to institute a program – the Citizen Pruner – that engages you, the residents of Minneapolis as tree care-givers. More accurately, you are the heart-and-soul of the program. The Citizen Pruner program is a modest-input yet high-impact volunteer program that involves a little training (one evening), a little practice (one Saturday morning or afternoon), and a handful of modest yet very productive, volunteer tree care events.

Citizen Pruners focus on removing little issues before they become big problems. Specifically, Citizen Pruners help by removing basal sprouts and trunk sprouts that not just unattractive. These often pose a safety concern when they block sight lines and interfere with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

All training is provided by the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources’ experts in tree care, as well as follow-up guidance and technical assistance.  That said, the program is a community-based program; Minneapolis and its residents are the owners and receive all the benefits.  This is a pilot program that is open to all Minneapolis residents.

The first training session will be held at the Kenwood Community Center on Friday, September 16, followed by practice in the field on Saturday, September 17.

The second training session will be held at Pershing Recreation Center on Friday, September 23, followed by practice in the field on Saturday, September 24.

If you are interested in having some fun and helping your community, go to for more information on the training workshop and the first tree care events. There will be a $25 fee for the training to cover the cost of the tools, manual, and snacks. You’ll have fun, make some new friends and help Minneapolis’ trees make your community even greener and healthier.