Who’s That Hanging around Your Garage?


What You Can Do Before the Burglar Shows Up At Your Door ?

Next time you’re in your garage, take a look at what’s there.  If your garage is like most, you probably see a lot of ‘junk’. However, when a thief or burglar looks in your garage they see one thing….. MONEY!

Make a list of all the things there, then figure out how much you paid for them. How much is your lawn mower worth … your snow blower, your power tools, bicycles, sports equipment, the pile of lawn chairs in the corner (well never mind that one) ?  Next add the cost of your car to that list! How many thousands of dollars do you have tied up in those items?  If for no other reason, the list will come in handy when you have to make an insurance claim, when someone has broken into your garage and stolen your valuables.    

A few simple precautions and some inexpensive changes can save you a huge headache.

  • Keep your garage door closed as much as possible. Thieves love to drive down alleys and window shop.  Don’t make it easy for them. Call 911 if you see someone canvassing your garage.
  • Put some lights up around your garage so that when you and your neighbors look out the window at night they can see if someone is hanging around who isn’t supposed to be there.
  • Block any windows with opaque paper or paint the glass so that no one can see what ‘treasures’ are there.
  • Treat the service door as you would the door to your home. Install a heavy, solid core door with a good dead bolt lock on it.

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