Business Burglary – Webber Camden, June 8, 2017  Lind Bohanon & Victory
Facts: Between May 20th and June 7th there were 7 burglaries of businesses with very similar MOs.
These burglaries have all taken place north of 40th Ave N, with the majority of them in the Lind Bohanon neighborhood along Lyndale Ave.
In each case the suspect has used a large rock or piece of concrete to smash picture windows or glass doors to gain entry. All of these burglaries have taken place in the overnight hours or early morning. There is no suspect information at this time.

What you can do:

Be alert to suspicious activity and don’t hesitate to call 911 to report it. Please call the 4th Precinct Property Crimes Unit at (612) 673-5714 if you have any information about these burglaries.
• Install a business security alarm system if you do not already have one. • Install security cameras if you do not already have them.
• If you do have an alarm system make sure that it is functioning properly and don’t forget to set it at the end of the business day. If you have employees who close up, be sure that they set the alarm when they leave.
• If you do have a video surveillance system, please be sure that it is functioning and recording properly.
• Consider replacing current window and door glass with shatter resistant glazing materials.
• Install adequate security lighting. Be sure that vulnerable windows and doors are well lighted.
• Do not keep large sums of cash at your business. Make daily bank deposits.
• Alert your neighbors to the problem and be sure to watch out for each other. Remember, the majority of burglars who are caught in the act are caught because a neighbor reported seeing something suspicious.
• Call 911 to report suspicious activity. This includes strangers walking down your alley and looking in garages, loitering, or vehicles circling the block with occupants you don’t recognize.

  • If you are burglarized, do not contaminate the crime scene. Do not enter your business until police have cleared it of possible suspects. Do not touch any suspected entry points or items that may have been moved or touched by the burglar. Do not “clean up” until after police have investigated.
    • Ask your crime prevention specialist to conduct a free Business Security Survey. He will give you many tips and ideas for making your business more secure and less vulnerable. In the 4th Precinct, call 673-5704 and ask to speak to a Crime Prevention Specialist.