Agenda for the Board & Community Meeting Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018



Board and Community Meeting

Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization

Webber Park Community Center

December 6, 2018

Public Meeting: 6:30 PM




5:30    Closed Board Meeting
CPP Guidelines: “An organization may only hold closed meetings in cases of labor-management and legal disputes.” P.3

 6:15     Meeting re-opened Community mingling time

6:30     Call to Order: Drew Bethel

Approve Agenda 

6:35     Greeting and Introductions

Approve Minutes: November 8, 2018 (Annual Meeting for the purpose of Election Results)

Approve time and location of next meeting (Consent)   

6:45     Election of Officers- Executive Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer)  

7:05     Form committees:  HR Committee,  Response Team (for audit, etc.), Finance Committee, Site Committee
               (Other committees such as Community Engagement, Communications, Small Business, etc. will be identified and formed
in the near future with community support)

7:15     Executive Director:
               Introduction of Lease and Conditions for 1206 37th Avenue Office Space
Financial Report
Introduction of Budget for 2019

7:35     Audit Presentation by Mike Wilson/ discussion/ questions related to audit  

8:20  Adjourn