The Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization in co-operation with Webber Park hosted the annual Truck Extravaganza on Saturday, August 8th, 2015. The event went from 11am to 2pm with a huge variety of trucks and equipment for event goers to look at, climb all over and toot horns! Everyone had a fabulous time, for most, an opportunity to get inside some of these big trucks. Venture to add the only one known not to have a good time was a little white dog that did not like the hourly “HONK OFFS” that took place. Kids (and some dads too) really enjoyed laying on the horns for a couple of minutes during the “HONK OFFS”. Little ones got to dig in the sand pile for toy vehicles which they could keep. Tatoos, decorating hard hats, ice cream sandwiches, pop up play truck, video game truck and the monster bouncy truck rounded out the time of see, touch ‘n’ play. Lunch of hot dogs, chips and lemonade topped the event off. Everyone had a spectacular time. We thank all the wonderful volunteers and staff from both Webber Park and Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization for a job well done. AND WE THANK ALL OF YOU FOR COMING OUT FOR THE EVENT!